Tatto Clean

Tatto CleTattoo Clean Specifications

  •  Removal of tattoos of all colors and sizes
  •  Dermal and epidermal spot treatment
  •  Skin treatment, sun age, and birthmarks
  •  Removal of large dark-colored moles
  •  Carbon peeling
  •  Treatment of active pimples and acne

Tattoo Removal Device

The biggest feature of Q Switch technology is that it can make extremely powerful shots in a short time (nanoseconds). Thanks to its double wavelength, it can remove tattoos of numerous colors with a single system. By working infrared (1064 Nm), it can remove black and blue tattoos even on dark skin with a low interaction between skin melanin and wavelength. Greenlight (532 Nm) works on red and its shades. As with the removal of tattoos, only Q Switched spread can effectively treat dermal lesions without risk of the wound. When tattoo ink penetrates the skin, it is perceived by your skin as a foreign substance and your special cells try to intervene in this situation. However, since the ink particles are very large, the body cannot remove them from the system and your tattoo will be permanent. Q Switch comes into play here. This allows you to break up large ink particles. Thus, your tattoo, which is divided into very small pieces, reaches a size that can be intervened by your own body. This foreign matter is removed slowly. After tattoo removal sessions, there is no situation that will affect your daily life. The time during the sessions  varies from 3 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the size of the tattoo.