Stella D-Force Diode Laser


Technical Specifications

  • Laser Type: Semiconductor laser
  •  Wavelength: 808 Nm
  •  Control Method: Touch control
  • Screen Size: 10 inch
  •  Energy Density: 10-50j/cm2 (deviation <± 2%)
  •  Pulse Width: Between 1-400ms
  •  Spot Size: 12 * 20 Mm
  •  Frequency: 1-10hz
  •  Built-in System: Semiconductor cooling, water, air cooling, ekovat cooling
  •  Head Cooling: Peltier Cooling
  •  Output Power: 600w
  •  Power: Ac220v ± 10% 50hz, 110% ± 10 10a 60hz
  •  Working Voltage: 220 V 15A Max. 50/60 Hz
  •  Head Warranty: 1 year or 10,000,000 (ten million) fire warranty


The wavelength of the Diode laser reaches up to 800 to 808 nanometers, and this wavelength is considered the gold standard for laser hair removal.


Its automatic stop-fire feature ensures safety even in applications such as beard line with 3 different programs. It applies as much as fires in single, double, or triple shots you choose and then stops.



There are 2 special cooling systems (peltier and climatic cooling).



It makes its warnings in Turkish during the application.


Real Diode Laser, which is a fast and reliable device, does a lot of work in a short time with its special system that can fire 10 shots per second.

We offer fast and permanent solutions by penetrating the hair follicle more effectively with an 808 nm laser wavelength.

Diode (ironing laser) laser is a laser of 800-810nm wavelength, used in laser hair removal. Diode (ironing laser) laser causes permanent hair loss by burning the roots of colored hair. Since diode (ironing laser) laser is not very sensitive to color, it is preferred in hair removal for those with dark skin color and those with bronze skin. Because it is less likely to burn dark skin. Diode (ironing laser) laser can be used in body epilation everywhere including the genital area and armpit. Diode (ironing laser) laser epilation is effective immediately in the lower leg, groin and armpit. Diode (ironing laser) laser hair removal performed at intervals of 6-8 weeks on average. Laser epilation is done again in 6-8 weeks when the hair starts to grow again.

The number of Diode (ironing laser) laser epilation sessions varies according to age, structure, skin color, body area, hair color, and thickness. It is expected 60-90% reduction in hair in 4-6 sessions on average.