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Technical Specifications

  • Cold air head 
  •  Ice head
  •  Gel & razor free
  •  Turkish menu
  •  Original sapphire head
  •  Triple cooling system
  •  Ekovat cooling
  •  Ce certified
  •  2000 watts
  •  10-inch screen
  •  10hz firing rate
  •  2 button light head
  •  Domestic production
  •  2 year device warranty

With the new Multilex, you will be able to use both Pulse radiation technology and the Serial Shot Technology system with its extra cooled head. Multilex has been developed to combine two different systems in a single device for an easy to use, effective and comfortable hair removal.

It provides much more effective results and much more comfortable hair removal on different skin types, such as thin hair and dark skin.

With the SHR system, which is an accelerated hair removal mode, you will be able to challenge time by serial shots. You will feel the pleasure of hair removal comfort on your skin thanks to its improved head and extra cooling.