Magic Crush

Magic Crush Technical Specifications  Magic Ultrasound: It is a special technology that allows the fat cells to break down by making them turn to energy with the frequencies it sends.  Vacuum RF: Rejuvenates, tightens, and shapes your skin. It can be applied to the whole body and face area.  UltraHot: It is effective in both […]

Aventurine Passive

Aventurin Pasif Technical Specifications Voltage: 220V   Frequency: 50Hz  Power: 70W  Ampere: 1A  Output Power: 7ACV Celitron passive gymnastic device; It has 8 outputs and 16 pads. In addition to its automatic programmatic operation, it can also be operated manually. It is easy to use and a smart system that produces excellent results. There is a […]

Oniks G5

Oniks G5 Technical Specifications Voltage: 220V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 2000W Ampere: 10A Engine Speed: 1950dd The G5 massage device is a device used for different purposes in both beauty applications and health-related physical therapies and has many benefits to the body.   It accelerates circulation by softening the fat tissues and leaves the skin feeling soft, […]

Kalsedon Lenfdranage

Newlenf Technical Specifications  Voltage: 220 V  Frequency: 50 Hz  Power: 70 W  Ampere: 5 A LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE / PRESSOTHERAPY This method speeds up the circulation of white fluid in the body called the lymphatic system, which nourishes the cells. It allows the edema accumulated in the body to be thrown out and is especially used […]


Cryolpolys Technical Specifications – Possibility to obtain more effective results by combining with classical regional thinning methods– Possibility to apply in different regions at the same time with two different heads– Providing intense comfort to the customer during the session– Effective and safe use thanks to the LCD screen on the heads– Variety of application […]

CRYO Slimming

CRYO Slimming How does the Cold Lipolysis method provide slimming? The device uses a low-temperature vacuum massage to absorb fat cells with a special handpiece. Thus, fat cells are isolated from normal body temperature. The tissue is rapidly cooled to -5 degrees. In this case, while waiting for about 1 hour, it causes the fats […]