Tattoo Clean

Tatto Clean Tatto CleTattoo Clean Specifications  Removal of tattoos of all colors and sizes  Dermal and epidermal spot treatment  Skin treatment, sun age, and birthmarks  Removal of large dark-colored moles  Carbon peeling  Treatment of active pimples and acne Tattoo Removal Device The biggest feature of Q Switch technology is that it can make extremely powerful […]


HI-FUX Technical Specifications 3-5 different head sizes Small head 1.5 mm 7 mhz Middle head 3.0 mm 7 mhz Big head 4.5 mm 4 mhz 15 inch color touch screen Easy menu  Multiple language options Scope of application Wrinkles around the eyes Lifting eyebrows Elimination of wrinkles between eyebrows Elimination of sagging on the face […]

Hydrafacial Deep Cleaning

Hydrofacial Deep Cleaning The technology used in this process cleanses the skin from dead cells, blackheads, excessive oil, and peels it off at a micro-level with its vacuum head with pressure. Fine lines, skin tone disturbances, blemishes are treated using suitable serums according to the skin’s problem. At the same time, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and […]