Technical Specifications

  •  Voltage: 220 V
  •  Frequency: 50 Hz
  •  Power: 70 W
  •  Ampere: 5 A


This method speeds up the circulation of white fluid in the body called the lymphatic system, which nourishes the cells. It allows the edema accumulated in the body to be thrown out and is especially used for varicose veins. The applied area will have an improvement in skin quality, circumferential thinning, and tightening of the skin and subcutaneous.

The most obvious cause of cellulite is circulatory disorder. It provides support in eliminating problems such as an abnormal buildup of fluid in the body (edema) and cellulite in the body. Lymphatic drainage device is the most effective device for people who have edema due to many reasons. It plays an active role in the treatment of edema, cellulite, and varicose veins in the body. In addition, this procedure has no side effects. It is a method used in regional slimming and tightening treatments.

It ensures that toxins are thrown out of the body. A lymphatic drainage device offers solutions for problems such as edema and sagging after birth. Lymphatic drainage should not be applied to people with diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, allergic skin, pregnant women and hormone disorders, hemorrhoids.

Lymphatic drainage is the fastest weight-loss method. This painless and effortless method is a method preferred by overweight women without hesitation.

* Lymphatic drainage (detox)

* Silicone hose

* Body contouring, recovery

* LCD screen

* Slimming treatment

* Silent working feature

* Massage

* Digital usage

* Cellulite treatment

* 8 outlets, 5 overalls, 16 airbags