Technical Specifications

– Possibility to obtain more effective results by combining with classical regional thinning methods
– Possibility to apply in different regions at the same time with two different heads
– Providing intense comfort to the customer during the session
– Effective and safe use thanks to the LCD screen on the heads
– Variety of application areas thanks to 2 large and 2 small heads
– Crystallization by freezing fats down to -10 degrees
– Easy to use with plug-and-play heads
– More effective results in other slimming systems

The device uses a low-temperature vacuum massage to absorb fat cells with a special handpiece. Thus, fat cells are isolated from normal body temperature. The tissue is rapidly cooled to -5 degrees. In this case, while waiting for about 1 hour, it causes the fats to enter the apoptosis (programmed cell death) and leads to the shrinkage and irreversible loss of fat cells.

The treated area also tightens due to the sudden decrease in the applied temperature. Most importantly, very long-lasting effective results can be obtained that have never been seen before in cosmetic treatment and can only be achieved with surgery.

This dual effect allows selective penetration of the adipose tissues and provides a permanent reduction in the adipose tissue within one or two sessions. All these processes take place in a comfortable and safe environment, with extraordinary results within a few weeks, and reach the highest possible level after a month. The treatment can be applied to all body parts where tissues can be absorbed with the handpiece.