Alexes ICE

Technical Specifications

  •  Cold air head 
  •  Gel & razor free
  •  Turkish menu
  •  Triple cooling system
  •  Ekovat cooling
  •  Hygienic silicone and glass kit
  •  30 ° air blowing
  •  CE certified
  •  2000 Watt
  •  10-inch screen
  •  10hz firing rate
  •  Domestic production
  •  2-year device warranty

ALEXES ICE, a new generation IPL Platform, has become a very important brand with its gel-free, razor-free, and cold air blowing system, and does not resemble Alex type lasers. The effective cooling system aims to provide a painless, permanent, and fast treatment with its changeable head. ALEXES ICE is a new generation IPL laser platform that offers a perfect treatment without the need to use gels and razors during the procedure.

Thanks to its fast epilation head, it can reduce the duration of the whole body epilation up to 30 minutes, thanks to its powerful repetition rate and powerful light generation, and 7.6 cm square shooting area. In this way, it performs an effective and result-oriented epilation treatment in the best way.

It’s very special head can fire an average of 300,000 shots. The guaranteed head life is 1,000,000. ALEXES ICE aims for a very effective hair removal treatment for all skin types. New generation flash lamp technology is used in the production.