Alexes Fast IPL Pro

buz tek

Technical Specifications

  •  Ice head 
  • Turkish menu
  •  Original sapphire head
  •  Triple cooling system
  •  Ekovat cooling
  •  CE certified
  •  2000 watts
  •  10-inch screen
  •  10hz firing rate
  •  2 button light head
  •  Domestic production
  •  2-year device warranty

IPL SHR laser hair removal devices can make high energy shots using light between 400 -1200nm wavelength. It means using intense pulsed light systems.

While other lasers act directly, IPL SHR laser hair removal devices scatter and spread to the surrounding tissue. Unwanted hair is removed in a short time by requiring fewer sessions. IPL SHR laser hair removal provides the opportunity to finish the whole body epilation in 45 minutes due to its ability to make 10 shots per second. The method creates a feeling that the patient is having a massage to the laser applied area during the procedure. For an effective result, an average of 4 to 6 sessions are required.